John K. Boyle

My computational wishlist

08 May 2014 - Portland, OR

Update (20 Mar 2017): That something is C. I’ve been using C and bash scripting for the last year and a half, and it does this all.

  1. Single installer, install everything by imports
  2. Cross-platform
  3. Can call C and Fortran out of the box
  4. Will run legacy code without having to write more legacy code glue
  5. Lets me be as efficient as I want to be without extra libraries and syntax
  6. Simple syntax

and the most important thing of all:

  1. Will run on any hardware that I throw at it, without having to do much to my code (builtin parallelism)

I am looking for a single solution that will handle these things. MATLAB almost has it, but they are holding on too tightly to their monolithic nature as the be-all, end-all of scientific computing. They need to be humble enough, when appropriate, to become just a tool in bigger toolchains.